The rehabiliation of the Tegel water plant

The rehabiliation of the Tegel water plant

Tegel water plant is one of the three importants in Berlin, Germany. The structure works in conjunction with the Stople works, Spandau and Kladow.

The Tegel water plant

Tegel water plant’s project started in 1877, and regularly update with additional elements or technology. Now in total, the structure has very impressive technical specifications:

  • Maximum power: 260 000 m3 per day
  • Water extraction: 130 verticals wells
  • 30 to 60 m deep with submersible motor pumps.
  • Pump performance 50 to 150 m3 per hour
  • A horizontal filter weel: 16 m deep with 2 motors pump

Concerning the water treatment, where Vandex products were used are also impressive. There are three atomization towers, with for each a diameter for 17 meters. And the groundwater recharge is composed by 3 pools with a total area of 30 069m². it gives an idea of the importance of the Tegel water plant, it is really one of 3 most important in Berlin.

 The project evolution with Vandex:

The vandex’s know-how was used in the aeration tower 2, behind the main hall close to the lake shore. The aerator towers 1 and 2 must be partially rehabilitated in the reaction tanks and the nozzle chamber.

A mineral coating with drinking water approval was applied, the layer thickness in average 15 mm, plus the roughness compensation. Ceilings, walls, and floors are to be covered, and a post treatment period is 45 calendar days.

The project is still on going, but for give you an idea of volume the Vandex Cemline Nature and the MG4 are applied on:

The nozzle chamber:

  • 225m² ceiling
  • 225m² sole
  • 235m² walls

The reaction basin:

  • 60m² ceiling
  • 260m² ring aisle.